About us

We solve business problems

We are a team of ex-ConsenSys experts, highly technical talent, and industry experts whose goal is to help business leaders achieve business goals.

We advise and execute bleeding-edge IT projects for Fortune 500 clients.

We have a presence across the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Our Team

Meet the Executive Team

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Marc Lijour, North America

Marc comes from ConsenSys Canada where he was building up the consulting practice. He worked in business and IT consulting at Cisco and Savoir-faire Linux. He comes with 10+ years in the public and not-for-profit sectors. Marc co-founded ColliderX, and seats on several boards including ICTC, TechConnex, and TFBN.

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Tim Siwula, USA

Tim is passionate about open source, developer tools, command line experiences, and API's. His former startup built an API for Ethereum code-named HappyChain. Tim's industry experience ranges from banking to education, and organizations such as Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Democratize Computing Lab, ADT, and Wells Fargo.

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Joaquin Moreno, LatAm

Joaquin is an Industrial Engineer who started in the Bitcoin/Blockchain space in 2013. He created the 1st Bitcoin online course in spanish [2014] and portuguese [2014], and co-founded Mondome. He works as a consultant since 2015, including the last couple years at ConsenSys overseeing the LatAm region.

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Ian Bessarabia, Africa

Ian is a consultant with a deep experience in the Financial Services Industry, including central banks, and financial market players. He lead strategic Blockchain projects on the African continent at ConsenSys. Ian also advises start up and social enterprise ventures.